Welcome to Lotus. This campaign setting is based on an alternate Europe. An alternate world is quantum shard, one universe made different by the infinite possibilities stirred by the flapping of butterfly wings. In this alternate world, called Uber Europe, Eve was strong-willed and did not eat the forbidden fruit. When man first stepped out on the plains, a spark of sorcery was in his heart. Here, the gaps between the dimensions of Elysium and Hades are not so tight. Greatness walks the land, as Darkness ever strives to consume it. There are many similarities between Uber Europe and our own world in the Middle Ages; however, this place is a place unto its own, and here you can make a heaven of a hell or a hell of a heaven.

Lotus is a role-playing heavy campaign set in Uber Europe, where tactical combat is necessary, but in no way sufficient for survival or advancement. Lotus is inspired from the dark, feudalistic times of early medieval Europe. A time where starvation, poverty, disease and hopelessness were the rule in most civilized lands. Religious sects and feudal warlords control virtually every aspect of daily life. Player characters must establish some form of beneficial interactions with the social institutions of the lands, or find themselves in impossible opposition to the militant and zealot forces that rule the principalities of Lotus.

Lands of the Umbral Sea

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